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What happens if there is a problem with my order?

Let's help you report the issue to us so we can find a solution.

Although Makelab's Production team performs a quality check to ensure parts are up to quality standards before dispatch, there may be times where you receive a part with a defect. Please see the below steps to report the issue to us.

If you are reporting the part within 10 days of delivery.

Refunds are only reviewed if requested within a 10-day window. This 10-day window begins after an order is received.
Post-processing, or attempts to alter any model will void the 10-day window. Please contact us with photos of the model as it arrived, without alterations.
  • Please provide clear photos that indicate the problematic area or issues. These may be taken using a mobile phone.
  • Use arrows, circles, and rectangles to draw on the photos to specify which details of your part(s) have been affected.
  • Please include a photo of the order receipt displaying all your order information.
  • Please include photos of the original packaging.
  • For issues regarding dimensional variation or other size-related concerns, please include visible measurements via a ruler, caliper, or scale in the photo
  • If the order has missing parts or quantities, please provide a photo of all the parts that were received.

Please make sure the following information is prepared for when you submit the support form.

  • Order number
  • Part name
  • Photos of the part as it arrived (no additional post-processing!)
  • A detailed description of the issue
  • If your model arrived broken, please provide detail of whether the missing part(s) are in the original packaging or not.

Contact our Service Team